The landscapes created by Tierra Seca Landscape Design are at once beautiful, practical, economical, and unique. By employing native plants as an integral part of the overall design, a true reflection of the California landscape is created in all its glory. This is a dynamic, ever-changing palette of colors, textures, and fragrances that will capture your interest through all the seasons.

Tierra Seca Landscape Design focuses on residential projects.

Tierra Seca Landscape Design is also available for consultation regarding using natives in existing or newly-planned landscapes.

Growing native plants is not difficult, but it is different than the methods of gardening practiced by most gardeners. When questions or problems arise, help is just an email, or phone call away at no charge.

Simple, contemporary, clean, functional, practical, environmental, interesting

Contemporary design, clean lines and simple forms create functional, practical spaces. Contrasts in texture and color highten interest. All the while remembering that each garden is a part of the larger landscape and thus, must harmonize with it.


To restore the natural landscape and foster appreciation of native plants by portraying them in unique and appealing garden designs.

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